Take full control of your marketplace of single tool.

You like to mediate, you are a true influencer and you know how to bring together brands or various service providers. Hence, creating your marketplace is going to be straightforward. Just see below the very simple steps.

Go and create your marketplace NOW
Getting there is no pain
Sign-up with Tampl
And let us know the domain name you picked for your marketplace
Tell Tampl if your marketplace is going to provide services or sell physical goods
Add your sellers and partners. Catalogs and products follows :) Tampl helps you find the right sellers for your business
Customize your marketplace
Tampl offers templates that you can modify and personalize at will
Automate the shipping and payment processes
In just 2 clicks, activate your payment solution, the shipping logistics and the commission rates agreed upon with your sellers
Robust Solution
Our 2 bedrock features
A Super Comprehensive Dashboard
Seller and Catalog Management
Manages Revenues and commissions
Product & Discount Management
Order management
Customization of your marketplace Web site
Your Marketplace Highly Visible!
Your Web Site
A true e-commerce with the proper personalization to boost your sales.
A slick UX and user-friendly interface on both desktop and mobile.
Road to your success
From your marketplace setup to growing your trafic on your Web site, we give you the support to harness the potential of your marketplace.
How soon, can I get started?
Answer is really simple:
Right Now!
How do I know how well my business is doing?
By choosing Tampl, you go for transparency on all transactions between you, your sellers and your customers. No blurry lines with your dashboard.
Are you going to break big?
It will all depend on how successful your sellers and your networking leverage. But one thing for sure: your budget will be under control, even under super control:),
How much is will it be if I want to give it a try?
Answer :
0 €
When going with TAMPL, you can try the product at no cost and get back to us anytime. We will give you our best advice and recommendations to accomplish your goal